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Ian Spriggs joins the Digital Human League

Ian Spriggs

Ian Spriggs (Self Portrait)

Known for his portraits that reference back the the old masters, Ian Spriggs joins the DHL to add his voice to the Wikihuman project. The following is Ian’s own words for the first post to the Digital Human League.

Hi I am Ian Spriggs, I am a character modeler working in the vfx industry, I have worked in the industry about 10 years and I have a BFA in fine arts. I have just made a move to live in Vancouver BC I just came from Toronto where most of my career has been, but I was born and raised in England and moved to Canada in my teenage years.
In my work I want to represent the human but keep a link with the history of art, I believe the masters were aesthetically able to connect to the viewer and I believe that keeping in touch with their goals will help us connect in the digital age too.
At the present I am making portraits using 3D techniques with lots of reference to photographs. I manipulate current 3D technologies to give the illusion of a real human but I find it challenging to bring this illusion of reality to an acceptable level to an observer. I have heard a lot about the digital human league and I am really happy to be able to be a part of the new discoveries and advances,  I am hoping my skills can be helpful to the Digital Human league.

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