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Digital Emily 2 data now available

As promised we are now offering the Digital Emily 2 data that was used during our FMX presentation this year. The data is being hosted at ICT and everything can be downloaded there.

NOTE: This data is NOT for resale and for NON-Commercial use only

It includes: the model (in Alembic format), the textures (in EXR format), and the shader (in OSL format). We also included a Maya scene with the shaders set up in V-Ray. We broke out the shader into individual nodes so that it is clear how the shader was built so you should be able to reconstruct it in any rendering engine.

It should also be noted that we are only providing the head and skin data. We are not providing the eyes or hair data yet until we feel that we have a first version that is ready to share.

The following is the graph of the shader network:

Shader Network

Shader Network

The following is the graph of the displacement network:

Displacement network

Displacement network

It should also be noted that this data is still changing and that we will be updating the data based on new findings as we work.

To access the data please go to the ICT page of Digital Emily 2



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