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Oleg Alexander joins the Digital Human League

Oleg Alexander

Oleg Alexander

As we continue to work closely with the ICT, Oleg Alexander has joined the Digital Human League to be a part of the Wikihuman project.

Oleg Alexander is a technical artist specializing in facial animation. He received his MFA in Computer Arts from Florida Atlantic University. From 2006 to 2010 he was lead technical artist at Image Metrics, where he created hundreds of facial rigs for film, game, and TV projects. In 2008, he directed and rigged the Digital Emily project, a sales demo for Image Metrics featuring a photoreal CG facial performance. In 2010, Oleg joined USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies (USC ICT). Working under the direction of Dr. Paul Debevec, Oleg continues to improve ICT’s facial animation pipeline. Oleg helped create the Digital Ira project, featuring a real-time rendered photoreal facial performance. Digital Ira was a successful collaboration between USC ICT and Activision R&D and was presented at Real-Time Live Siggraph 2013. Oleg has been published in The Art of Rigging books, the VES Handbook of Visual Effects, and various Siggraph papers. He lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife and twins.


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